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“I am one of the sound enthusiasts who love sound, and I would like all people who love sound to be able to access high resolution earphone easily.” 




■ 1985. KOREA ONKYO at Start speaker engineering, Car/TV/PA/Home audio Speaker develop. Unit(Coaxial/Full/SW/W/Mid/TW/STW) & System (Enclosure/Network/Tuning), Max 5way.


■ 1993. SAMSUNG 900MHz Cell phone wide bass piezo-electric speaker develop.

■ 1996. DEAWOO After market Car speaker develop(4”Coaxial ~ 6”x9”Triaxial).


■ 1998. MOTOROLA Development of Electromagnetic earphone and Auto balancing tool for pilot


■ 2001. SAMSUNG World’s first slim Note PC SENS Q760 Hi-Power Dual drive stereo speaker develop.


■ 2002. SAMSUNG / HYUNDAI Multi functional micro speaker develop.


■ 2004. World’s first Metal Suspension Hi-performance super slim speaker “DSMD” core source technology develop.


■ 2005. World’s first f-PCB Suspension Hi-performance super slim speaker “DSSD” core source technology develop.


■ 2006. World’s first Same phase bass reflex speaker & Modular EARPHONE ‘SPBR core source technology develop.


■ 2008. SAMSUNG World’s first Slim LED DTV “DSMD” Main super slim speaker develop. 2009. SAMSUNG World’s first Super slim LED DTV 8,8T/10W “DSMD” Ultra super slim Woofer develop. 2010. SAMSUNG Super slim DTV full model speaker main develop. ➔


■ 2011. PHILIPS / SONY Slim DTV Speaker develop.

■ 2013. LG Worl’s first Curvet & Flat 55’ OLED DTV Slim speaker develop.

■ 2014~2016. World’s first generation magneto-static high resolution technology ‘MSD’ develop & Patent applications & 2 Generation Super slim Dynamic technology paten application. & Space variable portable audio ‘Wings’ patent application.

■ 2017~. Development of High Resolution in ear monitoring Earphone based on Patent Technology and Establishment of EARBRIDGE. Inc

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